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Backgammon Winning Strategy

Once you've played backgammon you'll definitely like it and you'll become deliciously addicted. There are some strategy rules which are often used when playing for money and not a match to a set amount of points.

Automatic doublets

If both players roll the same number when seeing who moves first, the cube is automatically turned to 2 to start he game. Typically these are turned to one turn but some gambles like unlimited autos.

The Jacoby rule

It is a rule that states that the game must be doubled for a gammon or backgammon. If the game is not doubled it counts as a single game. This rule makes the game quicker and allows a player get out of a game that is a lost cause. It's also for quicker doubles and higher stakes.


A beaver is a player who doubles and immediately redoubles (beaver) while retaining possession of the cube. This is sometimes done when a player being doubled feels they are still a favorite to win the game.

Beside these strategy rules there are some extra rules which you, as a backgammon player, need to know.

The dice must be rolled on the players right hand side of the board.

The dice must be rolled together and land flat on the board. They must be re rolled if not so.

The turn is not over until the player picks up their dice and a player may not roll until the other player completed his move and pick up his dice.

If a player rolls before the opponent picks up the dice they may have to roll again at the discretion of their opponent. This rule is not strictly followed once no further contact is possible, in bear off situation or when an opponent´┐Żs move is forced.

If a moved played is not legal, either player may correct the play, but if the correction occurs before the next player rolls. Any errors not corrected before then remains as played.