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Backgammon Game

The roots of this exciting and interesting game are quite unknown and they go way back in time. The game has passed through different stages of development.

It's interesting to know that the backgammon you play is so very old and it has been played even by ancient civilizations, isn't it?

Claim the Egyptians as parents

The backgammon game has been traced at the beginning of Egyptian and Sumerian civilization. Backgammon boards, not so different from those used now in backgammon, have been found in the royal tombs of the Nile Valley and in the buried suburbs of Ur.

Work in the Romans too (or Greeks or both)

The Romans also played this game. They called it Ludus Duodecimo Scriptorium, literally a game with 12 lines. They shortened this name to Tabula. When backgammon entered Europe it was called Tables.

Inspire a creation myth

In the world of games India has turned the best creation myths. At them the backgammon table actually represented the concept of time.

Achieve literary immortality

A first reference to backgammon in world literature is to be found in the Jewish Talmud. The rabbinical authorities of that time felt the need to mention backgammon, though they didn't offer strategy hints. The Babylonian Jews used the Persian words for the game: nard and nard shir. Nard was the wood marker used in the game. Shir means lion, referring to the two types of pieces then in use: plain wood markers and markers with carved lions heads.

Ride along with the Arabs

The Arabs after the conquest of Persia adopted their games and they loved backgammon An Arab wrote even the first book about backgammon.

The word backgammon incidentally comes from the Middle English "gamen", meaning "game". It's thought that the name derives from the pieces occasionally having to go and reenter the board.

With the hope you enjoyed this brief information on backgammon game we can only wish you: Good luck with backgammon!